Best tips Impacting the Future of Small Business Marketing

unduhan-45To succeed in today’s competitive business environment, more and more small businesses are prioritizing marketing, new research finds.

In a recent study from email marketing provider Constant Contact, more than 70 percent of small business leaders said external forces, such as the economy and increased competition, have forced them to become better marketers.

In addition, most of the small businesses in the study have become more active marketers. The research revealed that 68 percent of the small businesses surveyed are marketing more today than they did two years ago.

However, just because small businesses are spending more time marketing, that doesn’t mean they are spending more money on it. Just 34 percent of the businesses surveyed are planning to increase the amount of money they allocate to marketing.

Although the majority of those surveyed said their main marketing tactics today are word of mouth, email and websites, many have an eye on what the future of small business marketing may look like. More than half of those surveyed said streaming video is an emerging trend they think will play the biggest role in how they market

Essential Marketing Tips to Ensure Success

unduhan-46The decision to rebrand your company can have a profound effect on your existing customer base. Newer startups that make their pivot early on likely don’t have much of a “legacy” to hold on to, but for an established company with a strong following, changing a key element of your brand may come as a shock to your core audience.

Therefore, it’s critical to consider the way your past and current customers will react to such a shift when changing something as big as your product offerings, logo or name. Failure to do so could lead to a drop in your brand’s recognition, reputation and trust among the people who know and love your company.

“One of the challenges [of rebranding] is maintaining value,” said Tom Kanewske, senior director of business development at vehicle software company Derive Systems. “[It may] leave customers feeling as if their loyalty has been trampled on.”

Whether your rebranding is already underway or you’re still in the planning stages, you’ll need to have a solid marketing strategy to address this challenge. Marketing experts at companies that have undergone significant rebrands shared some tips

Tips to Small Businesses Catch a Boost from Pokemon Go

unduhan-47Since the launch of the augmented-reality game Pokémon Go, there’s been a lot of buzz about how small businesses can use the game to their advantage. Now, after more than a month since Pokémon Go first launched in the U.S., market research shows that the hype is real: Pokémon Go really is bringing in more customers and boosting sales for many small businesses.

The first survey that demonstrates the bump given to businesses by Pokémon trainers comes from Revel Systems, which builds mobile point-of-sale systems for iPads. The data Revel collected comes from the company’s clients that have PokéStops nearby, and it demonstrates an increase in foot traffic, gross sales and total customers. Here’s what Revel found:

  • Eighty-two percent of businesses with nearby PokéStops reported an average 9 percent increase in weekly foot traffic.
  • Sixty-three percent of businesses with nearby PokéStops increased their weekly sales by an average of 12 percent.
  • The average increase in weekly gross sales totaled more than $2,000 per business.
  • Those businesses also reported an average increase of 265 weekly customers.

The mantra “gotta catch ’em all” has helped small business owners capture more customers and

Legitimate Ways to make Money Online (This Actually Works)

Are there easy legitimate ways to make money online? This is the obvious question everyone wants to know. You’ve probably had a few friends who started their own business online. The truth is that they probably didn’t make a lot of money, if any.

Anyone can start an online business, but actually making money is a completely different story. An online business is like any old business and any old business takes time and effort to make money. It also takes the right attitude. You need to have a positive outlook, but you shouldn’t think that the work will get done on its own. So if your’e willing to commit, keep reading.

There are three important steps in starting an online business. They are as follows:

1)Position yourself in a Profitable Area Online. Find a profitable niche. Find the people who spend money already. For example, the health market- diet, weight loss, vitamin supplements, medical issues, headache relief, energy. The wealth market  working from home, business opportunities, internet marketing, public domain, starting your own business. The lifestyle market  personal development, pets, self-improvement, online study courses, computers, going green.

2)Build a List of People in this Area. Create a one page website. This can be

Gain Competitive Edge With Business Process Mapping

Business process mapping defines each business process in simple steps from start to finish. Since its introduction in 1921, process mapping has evolved to become multi-dimensional, assisting organizations to achieve various business goals such as regulatory compliance, process re-engineering, simulation and activity analysis. Moreover, ISO 9001 requires an organization to follow a process approach for business management; process mapping works well to comply with these requirements.

Ideally every process in an organization should be mapped to deliver better results and enhance team ownership. To be specific, there are mainly three types of business processes that must be mapped for clear understanding and effective communication throughout the business:

Management processes -the processes that govern the operation of a system such as Corporate Governance and Strategic Management

Operational processes – the processes that constitute the core business such as purchasing, manufacturing, marketing and sales

Supporting processes – the processes that support the core processes; typical support processes include accounting, recruitment and technical support

Why is Business Process Mapping Good for Your Business?

Business process mapping allows every business to structure its components and align its actions to achieve a common organization goal. No matter which department/organization you are from, process mapping can be used for your own purpose

How To Work Your Business Proficient

Are you looking for ways to make your company run more efficiently as well as more profitably?

Having current custom business software is the key to working a successful company. Making sure you have the most recent updates of computer software downloads will mean effectiveness for your company, thus affecting the annual profitability of your company. Keeping up with the technology will help you to stay ahead of the competition by giving instant and accurate results.

Computer software downloads are now presented in many forms, making it possible for company owners to purchase the form of business software they require to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently. One of the main benefits of having access to computer software downloads is that you have instantaneous access to the software program. No more fighting traffic to get to the local store and make the purchase. No more ordering it online and having to wait for the cd or DVD to come in the mail. With computer software downloads, you’ll have your computer software immediately.

Business software applications have evolved as computer software downloads and like the term “download” are used immensely. The online promotion tools available to the business owner will come in various

Future Business Ideas – Staying Ahead of the Curve

The modern age that we live in today is very fascinating. The constant desire to evolve, has led us to a time, where technology is the driving force behind our development. We try to make our lives as easy as possible, so we continuously strive for solutions to everyday problems.

So naturally, it is only common sense, that for anyone interested in making money nowadays, they need to stay ahead of the curve. The more creative and innovative your ideas are, the more rewards you get to reap later. Predicting business trends of the future can sometimes be an arduous task. But, if you can be among the first to meet the demand of a certain product or service that is on the rise, you can become very successful.


With the rapid development of technology, businesses in the future will most likely turn to the internet completely, in order to be more productive, and meet the needs of the growing market. With the proliferation of smart phones, consumers will be able to buy and pay for anything they wish, with just a touch of their fingertip. With that in mind, online retail stores are definitely a business that is bound to flourish

How To Run A Small Business Effectively

If you are a small business owner, you may spend a lot of time thinking about how to run a small business effectively. Here are some important things to keep in mind as you ponder how to run a small business effectively.

Analyze Your Business Frequently

Step back and analyze your business regularly and be honest with yourself about what is working and what is not working. Try to emphasize the things that your business does well and improve those that it does not, while also looking for new ways to improve on your processes wherever possible.

For example, if your business does a great job with local customers but struggles to find and service those who are farther away, reexamine your strategy and decide if those more distant customers are worth the costs involved in improving your services to them.

If they are, invest in re-engineering your processes to improve your services for them. If not, consider whether you should focus entirely on your local market at this time and expand to other areas at a later date.

Dream Big

You know how to dream, or you probably wouldn’t have started your business. Its important to continue being creative about your business and coming up

From Hobby To Business

Any path is only a path and there is no affront to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you.” Carlos Castaneda

Hobbies are those interests we pursue, and those passions we find along lifes path. Sometimes its a lifelong interest. Other times, its something we stumble across and begin to explore or develop, or something a friend or acquaintance introduces to us. But what happens when breeding goldfish suddenly becomes more than a hobby, when you become known as a source of quality goldfish for other goldfish aficionados? Then youv’e reached that point in the road where hobby meets business.

When you are able to make money while doing your hobby  something you love, are interested in, have expertise in  its a good indication that maybe youv’e found yourself a business.

What are some things you should consider first? Is it a good idea to turn every hobby into a business? What if you love building furniture, and people say theyre willing to pay you to do it, but you think you might get sick of it if it becomes mere work, a day to day job? The key is to carefully consider doing this

Five Steps To Planning A Successful Business Exit

A business owners exit is a once-in-a-lifetime transformation. Were not talking about selling a house or a car. This is a complex process that requires the technical expertise of a team of trusted advisors. The key to any successful business exit is planning. It must begin with personal reflection on the part of the owner regarding what he or she wants out of the business exit. Only then can the owner, along with his advisors, design an appropriate exit strategy. The five (5) planning steps outlined in this article are designed to help business owners define their personal goals, understand all the transfer options and work with an advisory team to execute a successful business exit plan.

Step 1: Define the Personal Goals of the Owner

Since personal goals intertwine so closely with the daily existence of a private business owner, it only makes sense to begin with the basic albeit crucial question, What do I want to accomplish with my business exit? The answer seems obvious–make the most money after taxes and fees. Often, however, it isn’t this simple. Owners have nourished and raised their businesses from infancy; they typically care a lot about who will take the reigns. Family members